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A major shift is happening in healthcare and life-sciences

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by JobsinHealthTech

A major shift is happening in healthcare and life-sciences. Non-diabetics are monitoring their glucose with continuous glucose monitors. The number of tele-health or virtual doctor visits has sky-rocketed over the last year. Incredible innovation in RNA technologies and genomic sequencing has the potential to unlock a new era of personalised medicine. More and more people are prioritising their health and wellness and thinking seriously about longevity. We have been following this closely and want to help get more talent involved.

The reason we created this company is that we believe the health technology and life sciences industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the next decade. We want to help you get in on it.

These aren't jobs at companies building another checkout button or another marketing SaaS (No disrespect, these are also important!). These are jobs with meaning, and where you can have a career that makes a difference to the health of other people.

Jack Altman said it better than we could

Digital Health Startups raised 14.7 Billion in the first half of 2021. Life sciences companies have also raised 33 Billion so far this year. The time to start getting involved is now!

We want to help you get a role in the industry and support your career growth. We are creating a community of jobs, career support and resources to try and bring the best talent to the health tech and life-sciences industry.

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JobsinHealthTech helps you discover jobs at innovative healthcare and life sciences companies.