Interview with Jason Levin - Author of Wellness Tech Bi-Weekly

This week we interviewed Jason Levin, who shared his thoughts on wellness technology trends.

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by JobsinHealthTech

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Levin, who is a Data Engineer and author of a bi-weekly newsletter on wellness tech. We hope you enjoy hearing Jason's thoughts on Wellness Tech!

Can you tell us about your background and what sparked your interest in health tech?  

I got into wellness-tech very gradually then much faster. I was waking up exhausted and got an Oura Ring to track my deep sleep and REM sleep.  I was going through a data science Bootcamp at the time so I did my first project on my Oura data. I published that project as the first article in Wellness-Tech Biweekly and then began curating other articles, podcasts, etc. At some point, I realized I'm going all in and started interviewing founders and posting articles 2x/week as well as threads.

I’m excited for n=1, individualized products based off advanced data science. For example, Eight Sleep changes temperatures based off your optimum sleeping time, and Rootine produces n=1 vitamins created based off your biological data. Looking towards the distant future, I’m also very hopeful that dopamine and serotonin tracking will become safe and standard not only for Parkinson’s patients, but also for patients struggling with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc. MIT published an interesting study on dopamine tracking for Parkinson’s patients in 2018.

What tools/techniques do you use to optimize your own health?  

I use an Oura Ring to optimize deep and REM sleep, Future for n=1 personal training and workouts, and HiCoffee for caffeine tracking.

In your opinion, what is an example of an underrated and an overrated digital health technology?  

Underrated: Health Club NFTs. Rachel Sanders at Rootine launched Apex Optimizers, the first NFT collection focused on health optimization.  NFT-owners get access to a vibrant professional community, discounts on wellness-tech products, and 1:1’s with experts and pro athletes.  I think we’ll be seeing more health clubs popping up that will also allow access to IRL gyms/spas based off NFT in your wallet. Also underrated: Amazon Kindle haha. Incredible.

Overrated: Do Not Disturb.  Airplane mode is where it’s at.  My happiest moments are on airplane mode writing in my journal or hanging with my dog.

Where can readers learn more about you?

Readers can learn more about me on Twitter or on my personal website.

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