E-Health, Digital Health , Telehealth, HealthTech - Whats the difference?

It's easy to get confused about the different terms used in health technology. Here we do our best to interpret the different terms and their meanings.

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by JobsinHealthTech

It is easy to get confused about the different terms used for healthcare technologies. It is also fair to say that a lot of the definitions are not standardised, and many of the terms can mean different things to different people. If you're navigating the jobs market, this can be confusing! Below we will do our best to interpret our definitions of the various terms used in describing clinical software.

Telehealth - Telehealth is mainly used to describe systems that allow for the delivery of care through information technology, for example having a video call with your doctor. The term is generally interchangeable with telemedicine. Examples of Telehealth companies would include Teladoc or Bablyon health.

MHealth - MHealth or M-Health stands for Mobile health. The term refers to healthcare applications that are accessed on a mobile device. Examples of this would include MyMhealth or Sidekick health.

Digital Therapeutics - Digital Therapeutics (sometimes abbreviated as DTx), generally means software applications that are designed to have therapeutic application in of itself. Because of this many digital therapeutics are recognised as medical devices by regulators such as the FDA. There can however be crossover here with M-health and telehealth companies. An example would be Pear therapeutics application for smoking, or Akili therapeutics and their application for ADHD. There are a couple of different categories of digital therapeutics depending on how they work. HealthXL has created an excellent guide to the different types of digital therapeutics, that can be found here.

Medtech - Medtech stands for Medical Technology. This term is generally coined for the use of medical devices. Although some digital therapeutics are considered medical devices, Medtech is generally used to refer to devices that have a hardware component.

Biotech - Biotech is shorthand for biotechnology and generally refers to 'wet' technologies. An example of biotech companies would be Regeneron. There can however be crossover between biotech companies and software applications as an increasing number of companies such as Nuritas combine 'dry' software techniques with 'wet' laboratories in their search for new therapeutic molecules.

Digital health - Digital health is somewhat of a catch all term, but is used more to refer to software products that have a patient facing aspect, rather than being clinician or provider facing software.

E-Health - E-health (sometimes written as eHealth) stands for electronic health. It is often used as a catch-all term for software used in healthcare practice. It is often used interchangeably with HealthIT or Health-Tech.

Health-tech - Health-tech or health technology is somewhat of a catch all term for medical technology. We think it probably sums up the different facets of the industry the best, which is why we named our company Jobsinhealthtech.com ;)

Hopefully this can provide some clarity and help you navigate your careers search in health technology. If you are interesting in working in this rapidly growing area, be sure to explore our jobs and subscribe to our mailing list !

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